European leader in refrigerated vehicle and container rental

Optimising the use of equipment

Our product offer comes with full service that includes, amongst other things, checks, maintenance and upkeep. Carried out in our own workshops, these diverse operations take place in strictly controlled conditions, including procedures and a choice of products that respect the environment.
Preferring prevention to cure, the final outcome of this work is to optimise the reliability and use of the equipment and thus reduce its impact on the environment.

Our FrigoWash washing system takes the same approach: designed to wash refrigerated and utility vehicles and HGVs, it is able, thanks to its special system for recycling water and the careful choice of the products used, to limit the ecological impact of cleaning vehicles.



For Petit Forestier, the choice of a supplier is based on ability, reliability and trust.
After signing an agreement, Petit Forestier issues a national listing for application in the French network and the international sites.

Petit Forestier favours loyal partnerships with its suppliers and, above and beyond a simple commercial arrangement, often works with suppliers in the early stages when launching new products.