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Buildings that respect the environment

The development of Petit Forestier’s property portfolio is managed with complete respect for the laws on water management (recovery of rainwater, creation of green spaces) and thermal regulations to improve energy efficiency.
Our buildings comply with the 2012 thermal regulations and all our building permits are subject to Bbio certificates, a guarantee of a high level of energy efficiency:

  • use of certified building materials for the outsides of the buildings,
  • construction methods that help to limit heat losses,
  • low temperature heating using clean energy,
  • low energy consumption lighting…

The fruit of our experience enables us to rationalise and optimise numerous processes:

  • adoption of a charter to encourage behaviour that will reduce energy usage,
  • fitting out of pleasant and safe work stations,
  • inspection of technical installations by an external body,
  • demolition of old buildings containing harmful materials,
  • processing of waste in specialised centres.


For Petit Forestier, the choice of a supplier is based on ability, reliability and trust.
After signing an agreement, Petit Forestier issues a national listing for application in the French network and the international sites.

Petit Forestier favours loyal partnerships with its suppliers and, above and beyond a simple commercial arrangement, often works with suppliers in the early stages when launching new products.