European leader in refrigerated vehicle and container rental

Knowing your history
to build and develop for the future

Petit Forestier has more than 100 years of experience in the field of refrigeration.
Since it was founded, Petit Forestier has lived through some major historical events, showing its ability to adapt to the changes and upheavals of the modern world. Today, it occupies a leading position for businesses in which it is crucial to conserve fresh produce and maintain the continuity of the cold chain.

The company’s original business, transporting live animals, gradually evolved into transporting hung meat.
These early years witnessed the birth of a passion: refrigeration.

1907 :  Transports Forestier Frères is founded by Zéphirin Forestier and specialises in transporting live animals.
1931 :  Jean Forestier, Zéphirin’s son, joins the company.
1956 :  acquisition of Petit, based in the Villette market in Paris.
1965 :  creation of a new service; the rental of refrigerated self-drive vehicles.
This year is a major step forward in the development of the company.

Our company adopts its current name of Petit Forestier and positions itself exclusively in the field of ‘Full Service’ rentals.

1975 :  creation of a national network that begins with the opening of a first office in Bordeaux.
1980 :  extension of the network with the creation of the office in Rouen.
1991 :  launch of refrigerated container rental.

These years are marked by the international expansion of Petit Forestier.

1996 :  opening of the subsidiary in Luxembourg.
1997 :  first office set up in Belgium.
1998 :  take-over of Stricher.
1999 :  first office set up in the Netherlands.
2000 :  acquisition of Lecapitaine, 3rd largest manufacturer of refrigerated vehicle bodies.
2000 :  commercial launch in Spain.
2001 :  acquisition of Relec Froid, a manufacturer of refrigeration units.
2003 :  expansion into the United Kingdom with the acquisition of Via Truck Rental.
2004 :  launch of a trailer offer with the Zephirent brand and inauguration of the new Lecapitaine production site.
2005 :  expansion into Poland.

Petit Forestier proves its expertise with its multi-product 100 % refrigerated range of vehicles, cabinets and containers.

2006 :  subsidiaries opened in Switzerland and Portugal.
2006 :  acquisition of Pro System, European leader in the rental of refrigerated cabinets.
2007 :  Petit Forestier celebrates its 100th birthday.
2009 :  beginning of set up in Italy.
2010 :  first Petit Forestier site opened in Morocco.
2013 :  Cologne office opened, marking the start of operations in Germany.
2016 :  Opening of the Prague branch in the Czech Republic.
2017 :  Opening of the Vienna branch in Austria.
2018 :  Opening of the Johannesburg branch in South Africa.
Sustainable Development

A full time preoccupation

Looking resolutely to the future and concerned for the world of tomorrow, Petit Forestier attempts to integrate sustainable development into the daily life of the company and has responsible social, economic and environmental policies that take these challenges fully into account.

Our approach involves the implementation of corresponding practices and protocols in all areas of the business. We demand efforts by our suppliers and subcontractors, involve our employees and, in the eyes of public authorities and institutions, we represent a reliable partner. We respect and encourage regulations in the areas of the environment, labour and economic development, including in our international network. This strategy concerns all our services, products, purchases, properties, human resources…

The partnerships developed with manufacturers and institutions are just one illustration of our commitment. Our efforts also take the form of civic actions, initiating or participating in long term projects capable of producing benefits for the whole community.



For Petit Forestier, the choice of a supplier is based on ability, reliability and trust.
After signing an agreement, Petit Forestier issues a national listing for application in the French network and the international sites.

Petit Forestier favours loyal partnerships with its suppliers and, above and beyond a simple commercial arrangement, often works with suppliers in the early stages when launching new products.