European leader in refrigerated vehicle and container rental

Benefitting from our expertise

Petit Forestier cooperates and invests in the development of pilot projects and is involved in numerous working groups: reporting on problems in the field, proposals, possible options… the expertise of Petit Forestier in different areas contributes to and enriches the thinking behind these other projects.

  • Club Déméter, Environment and Logistics

    The objective is to promote and implement practical initiatives that respect the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development.
    Urban logistics workshop – “noise as a source of pollution limiting night time deliveries”.
    Petit Forestier and its subsidiary Lecapitaine are taking part in the pilot project.
  • Cémafroid SNC (general partnership)

    Independent refrigeration expert, centre for testing, inspection and certification.
    Petit Forestier is a member of the CTST.
  • Transfrigoroute, France and International

    Association that brings together diverse players in the cold chain: coachbuilders, hauliers, components producers, manufacturers…
    Eric Forestier is the Vice President.
    Petit Forestier takes part in the information commissions.
  • Certibruit

    An association founded following the creation of the “night deliveries: respecting local residents” charter. Manages the exchange of information, communications and the coordination of the actions taken by its members in the field of noise pollution.
    Petit Forestier takes part in the working groups.
  • AFF (French refrigeration association)

    Publishes the Revue Générale du Froid and manages the secretariat for the CNF (national refrigeration council). Petit Forestier takes part in the information commissions.
  • TLF (French federation of transport and logistics companies)

    A trade organisation covering all professions involved in the transport chain for goods and logistics. Petit Forestier takes part in the working groups.
  • FFC (French federation of coachbuilders)

    Employer’s union of coachbuilders and trailer and container manufacturers.
    Petit Forestier and its subsidiary Lecapitaine are members of CARCOSERCO (FFC).

    And many others…

Sustainable Development

A full time preoccupation

Looking resolutely to the future and concerned for the world of tomorrow, Petit Forestier attempts to integrate sustainable development into the daily life of the company and has responsible social, economic and environmental policies that take these challenges fully into account.

Our approach involves the implementation of corresponding practices and protocols in all areas of the business. We demand efforts by our suppliers and subcontractors, involve our employees and, in the eyes of public authorities and institutions, we represent a reliable partner. We respect and encourage regulations in the areas of the environment, labour and economic development, including in our international network. This strategy concerns all our services, products, purchases, properties, human resources…

The partnerships developed with manufacturers and institutions are just one illustration of our commitment. Our efforts also take the form of civic actions, initiating or participating in long term projects capable of producing benefits for the whole community.



For Petit Forestier, the choice of a supplier is based on ability, reliability and trust.
After signing an agreement, Petit Forestier issues a national listing for application in the French network and the international sites.

Petit Forestier favours loyal partnerships with its suppliers and, above and beyond a simple commercial arrangement, often works with suppliers in the early stages when launching new products.