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Corporate and commercial sponsorship

In keeping with its values, Petit Forestier occasionally undertakes support and sponsorship activities.

  • Sponsorship for actions in 2016 Stop Hunger.
    Stop Hunger's vocation is to fight against hunger and malnutrition in the world.
  • Partnership and sponsorship with the WUWM, World Union of Wholesale Markets.
  • Official partnership with the International Catering Cup 2015, hosted by the French National Association of Pork Butchers and Caterers (CNCT).
  • Partnership with ANDES (the French charitable association of greengrocers), for the Agricultural Show: vehicle provided and decorated for the distribution to underprivileged people in the Paris area of the milk collected throughout the show.
  • Sponsorship of various sports clubs: Stade Malherbe in CAEN, Handball at Tremblay-en-France and Rouen Hockey Club.
Sustainable Development

A full time preoccupation

Looking resolutely to the future and concerned for the world of tomorrow, Petit Forestier attempts to integrate sustainable development into the daily life of the company and has responsible social, economic and environmental policies that take these challenges fully into account.

Our approach involves the implementation of corresponding practices and protocols in all areas of the business. We demand efforts by our suppliers and subcontractors, involve our employees and, in the eyes of public authorities and institutions, we represent a reliable partner. We respect and encourage regulations in the areas of the environment, labour and economic development, including in our international network. This strategy concerns all our services, products, purchases, properties, human resources…

The partnerships developed with manufacturers and institutions are just one illustration of our commitment. Our efforts also take the form of civic actions, initiating or participating in long term projects capable of producing benefits for the whole community.